I am a part of a Facebook closed group called – “Let’s Talk Sports”.  Over the past few weeks, conversations have been highly robust with the following words and phrases – Strength in Numbers, Queen, King, Weak, 3-1, Never been done, Splash Brothers, History, 73-9, Analytics, Heart, Can’t be done …

“Can’t be done, Never!”

After last night, when Cleveland Cavaliers yanked the 2016 O’Brien trophy from Golden State Warriors mouths after being down 3-1, I thought.  My thoughts weren’t about the ticker tape, the confetti, the gold, the hugs and kisses and the excess of Moet … my thoughts were vicariously searching and grappling for the links of what was going on in Lebron James’ and teammates’ minds when they were down 3-1. What level of strength they exhibited to come back from a 3-1 deficit against one of the most potent scoring teams of all time, the baby faced assassin, the Splash Brothers, the high energy Draymond Green or the seasoned IGGY? Where did they dig to have the audacity of hope?

My mind went to one word in Statistics or for some of you Six Sigma gurus – OUTLIER! An Outlier situation is what we call yesterday’s win by the Cavaliers. I have only these words to say –  Always make room for the rogue agent.

Always make room for the rogue agent.

There is always that 1 “thing” that doesn’t care about history. History sometimes makes us complacent, makes us paralyzed in a stupor and may be a weak person’s Kryptonite. Please DARE to be different. Do not overlook the person who keeps trying and keeps failing – James, you, me, Trump, Hillary, Weah … as much as we may not align with some of the names and antics, you sure have to applaud tenacity, the sheer stupidity to attempt what the crowd screams against!

Applaud the sheer stupidity to go against the mob.

Thus my question – which are you, the common or the outlier?  Dare TO!!! Dare to think big, dream big and get a game plan. Dare to believe in God that you can do the impossible. Dare to believe in what has been born in you and regardless of what the world says, plan and do.  Who cares if you fail a number of times, just fail forward.  I choose OUTLIER.