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  • We set up a telephone appointment to see if we are a good fit.

  • You will receive an email confirming the appointment along with few questions about your current situation.

  • (During the call) We will discuss what keeps you from moving forward;  discuss your pain points, struggles, concerns, vision and goals of your business. We will also go over the available packages that would suit your needs.

  • You decide which package suits your needs and start time of the campaign.

  • A Congratulatory email will be sent to you along with the campaign agreement (will include your package choice, monetary obligation and our agreement guidelines) which must be electronically signed along with the  payment (decided in our conversation) for the engagement.

  • Thereafter, we will begin the campaign which will consist of: Information Gathering, Brainstorming, Structured Root Cause Analysis, Strategy Development, Strategy Execution, Performance Review and possibly Maintenance.