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For all of our engagement calls, you can expect:

  • Determining and Focusing on the Challenges: We work on clearly defined problems. A clear problem produces a clearly defined solution.

  • Work on Information Gathering: Every struggle or problem has clues buried in data. We gather all types of data and from numerous sources to ensure a 360 degree coverage of the issue.

  • Exploration: data on current trends within your industry will be researched. This sets a benchmark to know if your business is dying, plateauing or growing.

  • Brainstorm Ideas/Root Cause: This is a collaborative effort. Business is not a science but an art.¬† We interact with you by providing data of your business, other businesses and your ideas to brainstorm and root cause the problem.

  • Strategy Development: A clear root cause shows the problematic inputs, processes and outputs of your system.¬† Each of these will be tweaked in the process of creating the strategy for the desired output.

  • Strategy Execution Management:¬†Implementing strategies entails that the owner or a third party will be executing the strategies. Joseph Solomon staff will assist your business by program managing these strategies based on the specifications you stated during the formulation.