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Someone should work with Joseph Solomon because:

  • Of our complete understanding of the confusion of starting a business, the long list of to-dos and prioritizing importance.

  • We understand the concern of juggling multiple aspects of a business and possibly dropping the ball on a few key activities

  • Of our patience – Been there! Our knowledge is not only from schooling and helping other clients but because we’ve lived it! We will take our time with you so you understand your business.

  • Our decision making is based on facts – the emotion is taken out of the equation and the facts of your business are laid bare.

  • We are dependable & thorough – we have worked in volatile, high-risk and sensitive client business environments and have delivered every single time. We meet our clients at their needs.

  • We are trustworthy and accountable – If we say we will do it, we do it at all cost.

  • Of our In-depth analysis and results – our engineering background of working with customer service for Fortune 500 clients ensures that we understand the symptoms and root cause of a problem.  The quality of our results are a direct benefit of the ability to root cause problems. We work on finding the solution that best suits your circumstance.

  • We are respectable and listens to other’s perspective – We never proffer that we know it all. We work with you to generate ideas, brainstorms and create solutions with you partaking. We discuss differences.

  • We are a dedicated partner – Your business will be our concern and focus.

  • We offer you peace of mind – you’ll be able to sleep better at night and operate your business better because you will understand all aspects of your business and how it works.