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Most business owners make decisions based on objectivity.  Objectivity weighs heavily on perceptions.  Perceptions are a summation of what we have seen over our entire lifetime or in this case, in our business.  Perceptions are not reality.  Data is reality.  Facts are supported by data.  Tons of data points are overlooked daily.  These data points include sales, time of sale, type of sale, who made the sale, of what, are these sales in line with a SM campaign or not in line with one, feedback (who gives, what medium, how easy it is to give, are you requesting).  What type of data are you mining and how does it affect your decision-making? We will work with you in determining what is the most important data type that will assist you in reaching your goals.

Duration:  6 months to a year

Deliverable: Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting