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This program consists of 4 parts:

  • Business Exploration:  If you have a viable service or product that takes care of customers problems, we will investigate if your idea fixes the customers’ pain points. When this is affirmed, we transition into the modeling aspect of your business.

  • Business Modeling: we begin developing a structure around each business component: The Client’s profile, relationship and channel.  Thereafter, the focus changes to your value proposition – your promise to your clients.  Once your value proposition is known,  we focus on your business activities, resources and partnerships. These should all be built strategically around your value proposition.  Lastly, we focus on the cost structure and the revenue streams that are associated with the value presented to your clients.

  • Business Plan and/or Strategy Development: The final piece of this program is the creation of a plan or a strategy development document that enables you to keep track of all the components discussed above.

Duration: 3 months to 6 months

Deliverable: Business Model and Business Plan or Strategy Development document. This program includes strategy execution management and monitoring.